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Christopher Brown Racing
    1996 Formula SAE

Oregon State University
The Society of Automotive Engineers organize a competition open to all Universities around the world.  It is held during the month of May in Detroit, Michigan.  This car was designed and built as part of my senior year project.  Our team had 8 members who spent many hours throughout the year in the shop to complete this car.  In only the second year Oregon State University placed 7th out of 88 schools.  The cars are judged in 4 dynamic events and 3 static events.  There are very few rules, therefore giving students the great flexibility and allowing their creative side to show.

Dynamic Events Static Events
Skid Pad
Cost Analysis

       Chassis:    4130 steel spaceframe.

         Engine:    CBR600cc Honda F-1 bike engine, with Muzzy custom exhaust.
Fuel System:    Haltech F7 fuel injection.
   Differential:    Zexel Torsen Limited Slip.
  Suspension:    Pushrod Multi-Link suspension with rear toe control.
           Tires:    Goodyear Racing Slicks.
      Gearbox:    6 speed manual, with air pneumatic shifting buttons on steering wheel.
         Weight:    536 lb. without driver

(pictures by Christopher Brown)

Picture Galleries Published Articles
Construction Pictures The Daily Barometer, OSU,  April 4, 1996
Event Pictures The Daily Barometer, OSU,  May 22, 1996

The Oregonian,  June 1, 1996

1996 Team
        Captain:    Ken Peterson
        Chassis / Construction:    Peter Lines
        Suspension / Tires:    Christopher Brown
        Body Work:    Lans Stout
        Manufacturing / Cost Analysis:    Doug Powell
        Team Members:    Derek Schmalle, Antonio
        Faculty Advisor:    Dr. Dwight Bushnell
        Sponsors:    Chevron, Race Central, Auto Meter,
                            A-DEC Inc., Anodizing Inc., Goodyear

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