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996 variable wiper pot: 996 613 115 00 A02
996 wiper relay:  996 615 103 00
*This relay has a spade terminal sticking out in position #1, the 986 relay does not.

Take the fuse box cover off.
Unscrew the 4 phillip screws holding the fuse box frame, then take it off.
Using a 10mm socket undo the bolt holding on the relay holder.  Swing the relay holder out.

Position 16 is the far right relay in the middle row.  It might be very tight, but pull and wiggle it out. Insert the new relay.

Slide the relay holder back into place, securing with the 10mm socket screw.
Then reattach the fuse box frame, and tighten all 4 screws.
Finally snap the fuse box cover on.

A PC CD-rom Audio cable is available at any computer supply store. You can cut the cable in two, and solder or crimp longer wires on.  Some audio cables have a plastic locking mechanism that would have to be trimmed off with an exacto knife.

On the replay, it might be possible to place the bare wire into the back of where the relay goes, crushing the wire against the terminals.

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